• Pure Water
  • No Caffeine
  • No Additives

The Elixir of Life

In infinitely recycled cans

You’ve asked for it. We acknowledged. Monster Tour Water is the original and authentic Punk Rock, premium, canned water. Back in 2003, during our partnership with Vans Warped Tour, we were tasked with keeping everyone hydrated during their performances. Let's face it, we all need water to live so why not make it cool?!

Tour Water was our way of supporting our musicians and athletes need to hydrate without polluting the planet with more plastic. Just like our custom gear, Tour Water helped keep the bad-ass essence of Monster with them even when doing something as simple as drinking water.

  • 19.2 OZ
  • Drinking Water
  • infinitely recyclable can (73% recycled aluminum)

It’s water, so obviously there’s ZERO calories, ZERO sugar, ZERO energy… Nothing but pure drinking water, both still and sparkling. Same Badass Monster lifestyle in a can, JUST WATER – Drink the Tour Life.

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