When does the product expire?

Best by/expiration date is listed on the bottom of the can.

How and where is the water filtered?

We use advanced filtration with Reverse Osmosis Technology.

What does Deep Well Water mean?

Deep well water is water pumped out from deep aquifers, making it one of the purest water sources.

Where is the water sourced?

Mt. Laguna, CA and Cold Spring, MN.

Is there any caffeine?

No, it’s just water

Are there any calories?

No, it’s just water

Where is the nutrition panel?

Water does not have a nutrition panel because there are no other ingredients. It’s simply water.

Where can I find product?

Monster Tour Water is launched in select markets, and new locations are being added every week. Current retailers are listed on our website and product carried may vary by location.

When did Monster start making water?

We started making water in aluminum cans to support the Vans Warped Tour back in 2003 and have been making it for our musicians and athletes ever since.

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