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Product Problem

For all complaint type questions related to the product/can.

Such as a problem with taste or carbonation, if the can is damaged or bloated, or debris is found inside.

Product Question

For all products and ingredients type questions.

Sales Opportunity

For all sales opportunity related inquiries and retailers interested in carrying our products in their retail store.


For all promotions related questions about rules, prizes, winners.

Business Opportunity

For all business opportunity related inquiries and those who are interested in partnering with Monster.

Website Problem

For all website related inquiries about issues you are experiencing e.g. unable to submit a promotion entry, problem loading a page, etc.

Media / PR Inquiry

For all media and public relations related inquiries. Please tell us the reason why you’re reaching out.

Event Opportunity

For all events related inquiries, please allow a minimum of 10-12 weeks notice.

Some guidelines:

For consideration your event must fall within our core demo as well as:

  • Be catered to individuals 18 and over.
  • Cannot take place at a high school campus, cater to high school students or be a fundraiser.

For all general questions not related to the following categories: Product, Sales, Promotions, Business, Website, Media, Events or Gaming Sponsorship.

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